What a Mess!

Mr. Ed was out burning up some branches the other day and naturally Ozzie went along for the fun.  In the process of this activity Oz decided to take a walk over to the swampy area where a little stream runs through…… see how “cute” he looks now!!  It took me more than an hour to get the muck off him and restore (somewhat) his nice white feathers.  Oh Ozzie, what are we going to do with you???

Ready for your bath?

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington, March 13, 2011, All rights reserved.  Picture is the sole property of Susan J. Edminster.

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2 comments on “What a Mess!

  1. Stacey Smith says:

    My first thought is bad Ozzie for putting you through the fun of getting that all out of him, my next thought was way to go Ozzie having fun exploring!

    Ozzie is growing up and looks wonderful! How is the Obedience going?

    Our Max is growing up as well had a b-day party in April for him! We are going to get him a playmate here in a couple of months. The puppies were just born this week so we will be bring on of them home in August.

    Take care,

    • susaned1 says:

      Hi Stacey,
      Good to hear from you. Ozzie is a delight and is picking up his Competition Obedience training quickly. It’s more precise than regular obedience so I think it’s making both of us work harder to do everything correctly. How much does Max weigh? Oz is in the 40-45 pound category now but is still a gangly teenager in build…. he’ll fill out pretty soon I imagine. When is Max’s birthday again? Ozzie’s is March 31. I’m going to check your Facebook posts for some pictures. Sue

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